About Us

Miktat Ülger and his siblings have started manufacturing business in 1989 in Pendik İstanbul in a small workshop. Now , we continue manufacturing in our 3000 m² facility in Tuzla İstanbul.

High manufacturing capacity and wide variety of products make H.ÜLGER SERAMİC one of the leading company’es in the market. We owe this success to our creative designs that follow market needs and to ensure 100 %.
As a company via our success based policies and important investments. We want to widen our success stories to both domestic and international market.


As a company we aim to provide high quality products with optimum cost and minimum turnout fines. To improve the life standards of both our. Customers and employees, and keep our dedication to advence in the market.


We envision to became a leading global company in every market we involve, evolve with new Technologies, answer customer needs, ensure and improve customer and employee satisfaction and contribute society.